Bao Dim Sum iMessage Sticker Pack

Send 30 animated dumplings whether it's for happy hour or just happy moments.
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Special dipping sauce hugs Spicy pork bun saying let's go Veggie spring roll dipping Shumai running and sweating Eat sticky rice Pondering mixed veggiesr Tofu pondering and thinking Spring roll starting a food fight. Shutup! Dim sum happy hour martini Driving a dim sum bowl
Where are you pork bun Spicy pork bun saying no, nope, nonono Angry spring roll blowing his stack of green onions Shumai lol It's all about the feels shumai Confused spicy pork bun I love you sticky rice thumbs up veggie dumpling Crispy tofu saying ok bai Bbq bun dancing
You win some, you dim sum Dim sum and gaming controllers No comment from veggie dumpling Shumai yup yes yeah Sleeping dim sum Wtf dim sum Crying dim sum Dim sum xoxo Happy hour dim sum cheers Bao Dim Sum logo

About The Stickers

Why do I need these awesome animated stickers?
Do you love Bao? Do you have an iPhone? Do you love cute things? If so, the Bao Dim Sum animated iMessage sticker pack is for you! Just reply with one of our 30 animated stickers for all your dim sum texting needs!
What kind of dim sum is featured in this sticker pack?
All your favorite dim sum is included in the sticker pack including juicy pork dumpling, vegetable dumpling, steamed bbq pork, sticky rice with chicken, chicken shumai, veggie egg rolls and even crispy tofu!
Now you made me hungry. What am I going to do?
We would suggest a trip to Bao restaurant to fill up on all their yummy dim sum! If that’s not possible, use the Bao Dim Sum stickers to text your friends so you can start planning your next trip to Bao!
When is a good time to use these dumpling stickers?
Anytime is a good time to use the Bao Dim Sum animated iMessage sticker pack! It works especially well between friends who share a genuine love for delicious dim sum!
Where did you come up with the dumpling concept?
We had just finished a delicious dim sum meal at our favorite restaurant (Bao!) and thought to ourselves: “How can we keep this warm, fuzzy feeling going even though our bellies are stuffed?” . The Bao Dim Sum animated iMessage sticker pack was born right then and there in the restaurant and the rest is history!
Can you tell me more about Bao Dim Sum House?
Bao brings authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum to the west-side of Los Angeles in a chic but old-world atmosphere that’s perfect for family dining and dates. Great food comes from great people and our expert handpicked Chinese chefs are masters of the culinary arts. Their experience can be tasted with every bite you take. Yum! Check out the restaurant here.

How To Send Stickers

Tap the iMessage apps button
Open a message with with a friend and tap this button.
Tap the Bao Dim Sum icon
Select one of the 30 animated iMessage stickers.
Don't see the sticker pack on your keyboard?
Scroll to the right in the iMessage apps menu until you see the more button. It's the one with the three dots. A list of your iMessage apps will appear. Tap on edit and turn on the Bao Dim Sum app.

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